Monday, November 3, 2008

Some More Cute Pics

Val Dean loves to drive the car. Every time we get in the car he says "I wanna drive, i do it. I drive the chummy". We are not sure what "chummy" means but he is consistant about saying it when we are getting in the car and we know it has something to do with the steering area of the car.
Such a handsome little guy!

Mommy and Val Dean at a park. He is obsessed with going to the park, however he is really too scared to go down the slides by himself.

Daddy and Val Dean having fun at the park on family night!

We are attempting to potty train. Val Dean loves to use the potty but never tells me that he needs to go unless I am changing his diaper. Then he says "I wanna push on the potty".

Val Dean calls this hat a "cool dude hat". I guess he learned it from one of his many admiring uncles. Val Dean looks so much like my little brother Mathew. Their baby pics are so much alike it crazy.


For Halloween this year we went to a cabin up Provo Canyon. It was really fun and there were lots of yummy treats! Val was Don Johnson from Miami Vice, Val Dean was a scary but very cute Vampire and I has a pregnant mommy.

A bun in the oven, get it haha!

Sweet lil' Vampire

My sisiter brittany was a 80s prom queen. Her hair was great, it was so huge, and looked just like the 80s girls.

Val Dean after a long night of treats and partying!