Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Snap shot update

Since I am a horrible blogger I thought I would post some random snap shots of the fam from the last month or so.

This is about a month ago. It was at the time the best weather we had seen in about 5 months. So we went to the park.

Here are some pics of Vivien. They are in date order so you can see that she gets chubbier with each pic. It's only over a month span.

Chillin with Uncle Mathew who recently moved to Portland. We miss you Matt!

Val Dean doing a little light reading before bed.

Warning: If anyone tells Val the pics below are on here I am in deep trouble. It's safe to say he never looks at the blog.

In my defense Val Dean asked to wear baby sisters accessories, there was no force involved here, and as you can see he thought it was great fun!

He looks so cute in leg warmers. He looks like an adorable walking baby.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Museum Fun

A few weeks ago we took Val Dean to his Neurosurgeon for a follow up from last November's neck injury. They measured the neck instability and it has gone from 6mm of instability to 11mm. In November the doctor explained that they usually have to do surgery to fuse the neck around 8mm, therefore Val Dean now needs to go through with the surgery. The doctor is nervous to preform the surgery because Val Deans vertebrae are so small and deformed. He wanted to wait until he was three but apparently that is no longer an option. We scheduled the surgery for this coming Monday the 6th, but yesterday the doctor called us and said they do not have the hardware small enough for Val Dean in stock. He said it may take a few weeks to get a new one, however the doctor is gone for the whole month of May, so we may not be able to do the surgery until June. This is unfortunate because it means more neck brace. It is so hard to keep a two year old in a neck brace. It drives us both crazy. I will post the new surgery date when we figure it out, so all our sweet friends and family can say a little prayer for him.

Anyway when we thought that last week was his last week for fun before the surgery we decided to take him to the Discovery Museum at the Gateway. He had a blast and here are a few pics of our fun day.

Val Dean and Daddy drawing cartoons

As you can see Val Dean loved the helicopter the most.

Just about every day Val Dean asks to go to the helicopter with uncle Brayden.

Vivien didn't get to play but she is always happy just being around her family.

Uncle Brayden, cousin Nolen and Val Dean going on an emergency run. The museum had a whole pint size village for the kids to play in.

Val Dean is a little, (okay a lot) scared of animals, even fake ones, so uncle Brayden helped him out on this fake horse ride.

Val Dean giving mommy kisses!

They get along to much better when there are two of every toy!

We had a blast, maybe we will go again before the next surgery date.