Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Summer Fun!

Summer water fun with the neighbors!
Val Dean's Friend Lauren
Vivien any given day......always DIRTY!

Val Dean and Viv having a lunch date!

Val Dean on another lunch date....what a cheater!
Still likes to fit in any small space.....pretty creative!
Steel Days 2010
Viv is fearless and loved the rides!
I made this pretty dress for Viv.... in 2 seconds she will be covered in dirt!
Val Dean taking his girl Jayden on a little drive.
Swimming at the pool..... 3x a week!
Fearless Viv....this was her 1st time of the summer
and she was sure she could swim by herself.
Cautious little Val Dean...double safe!
Val Dean loving mommy!
Beautiful Baby Girl! Handsome Big Brother!

A few Holidays Over the Past Year!

Easter 2010

Christmas 2009

Just a cute pic around Christmas time.

Little Viv's 1st Birthday!

Halloween 2009

Val Dean's 3rd Birthday!

Okay slacker, lets just catch up the last year!

These are our family pics from last year! A little outdated but still cute!

Friday, January 29, 2010


I really wish I had time to update our's just not in the stars right now.
I am a little particular and I have to add all the events since October so they will be in order. It's just going to take some TIME.......let me know if anyone knows where I can find some.

We love you all and hope all is well.

Thanks, The Dallings

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Halloween 2009

Most 3 year olds are what the their parents want for Halloween.......

However Val Dean is not your ordinary 3 year old! A few times he toyed with idea being Dr. Brockmyer (his neurosurgeon) but in the end he finalized on the golfer.

Viv on the other hand had no choice...... a hand-me-down Chicken costume!

Murdoch Grandkids minus Akoy

Grandma's yummy treats!

Val's Birthday Yikes 32!

Val loves chocolate cake for his birthday
so i decided to indulge him a little and make "better than Birthday? cake"
At 32 blowing out the candles is really overrated.

Go for it kiddoes!
I wonder if Val Dean stole daddy's birthday wish!
You loose!
Val Dean and Daddy have silly string wars. This time Val Dean won!
The first time Val startled Val Dean while watching a movie. It was so funny he was crying "no daddy..... look now i am all dirty!... my hairs dirty and my nose is dirty. Get the dirty off!
We laughed but Val Dean informed us it was not funny!
So Val Dean got daddy back this time!