Saturday, January 23, 2010

Halloween 2009

Most 3 year olds are what the their parents want for Halloween.......

However Val Dean is not your ordinary 3 year old! A few times he toyed with idea being Dr. Brockmyer (his neurosurgeon) but in the end he finalized on the golfer.

Viv on the other hand had no choice...... a hand-me-down Chicken costume!

Murdoch Grandkids minus Akoy

Grandma's yummy treats!


dariakus said...

Hi, my name is Aiko, and we are at the LPA Christmas Party in December. I am Japanese, and my son Noah has SED. He is 2 and a half years old and going to have to have a neck surgery next month. I've read your blog and your son also went through his neck surgery? I was wondering if you can share us your experience... I am little nervous... Thank you.

dariakus said...
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