Friday, February 13, 2009

Finally a trip to the photographer

Although Vivien is 9 weeks old, we finally got her newborn pics taken. We also decided to take some family pics, and some pics of Val Dean at the time. (no need making two or three trips to the photographer, these things stress me out like no other). We had them taken at Pretty Pictures in American Fork.
So here are a few pics.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well it has been awhile since I have updated the blog. Usually with a new baby mothers are posting new pics weekly or even sooner. I know I stink at this, but at least every once in awhile I get around to adding a few new pics.
This month has been so hectic. I lost my cell phone AGAIN, and have had a heck of a time borrowing one that works for more than a day. I have also been without my computer for sometime which is partly why I have not updated any pics. I feel so cut off from the world with out the Internet.
Last week Val Dean got sick with RSV, he was in and out if the insta-care and doctors all week. Vivien was a little congested at the end of the week but seemed okay, then on Sunday she started coughing and throwing up whenever she ate. On Monday the doctor ordered chest x-rays and sure enough she has Bronchial Pneumonia caused by RSV. We have the worst medical luck! so we have been in and out of the hospital all week. I swear next time I am going to make sure I don't have a baby in the winter.

Well here are some recent pics of the kiddos

They can play in this toy for hours.

Val Dean and his girl Jayden. I tell Val Dean not to feel bad Jayden has to bend down so far to kiss him, because this is how mommy kisses daddy.

After taking this photo Val Dean wants me to take pictures of him everytime he bathes.

This pic is proof as to how sick Val Dean was. He never falls asleep on us like this.