Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Funny Day

Val Dean got this shape sorter for his birthday last year and absolutely loves it. The other day he showed me just how much he loves it.

He kept laying on it saying "ohhh" and then would give it a kiss!

He is such a loving kid. He always gives his toys loves and kisses!
Lately, Val Dean's favorite activity is watching Baby Einstein. As you can see he gets a little too close to the T.V.. While watching the movie he insists on having his "chair" and "treat". The treat goes in the cup holder of the chair.

Surprisingly, he gets the humor out of it too! I can't believe he knows which parts are supposed to be funny.

Of course Val say's he must get his sense of humor from his dad!


Last weekend while Val's parents were visiting we took Val Dean to a local carnival for some weekend fun! We thought he might like some of the kiddie rides, however there was only a few that they let him on.

Since mommy is prego Daddy was nice enough to take him on all the rides.

Val Dean loves TREATS! and I love cotton candy! so I was so excited to give him cotton candy for the first time. The result was a little disappointing to say the least. He hated it and got upset that it made his fingers sticky. He said "yucky" and wanted me to immediatly wash his hands off. He hates to be dirty; gee wonder were that came from?......Daddy!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The little guy loves little

We Bought Val Dean this little chair since he loves anything little. (and because he could not get into any other chair)

I wish I could tell you this is one of the only times he has played in a box, however it's probably the 100th. Getting inside small boxes is one of his favorite things to do.

My brother-in-law has a mini cooper and Val Dean thinks since it's small it should be his. Every time they come over he wants to go play in his car. I told him when he turns 16 we will buy him a mini cooper. It's defiantly plain to see mini is in his Genes.

Cousin Payton's first birthday

As you can see Val Dean loves to swing!

Me and cousin Payton
Parties are so much fun!

The other day I put two Pringles in my mouth to look like a duck, then I quacked around the kitchen to make him laugh. When he found some Pringles at the party a week or so later he put one in his mouth and started quacking. It was so funny!

Val Dean loves to feed others about as much as himself!

Mommy's little helper

Like most kids Val Dean is extremely interested in the vacuum. He desperately wanted to help me. He also likes to ride in the carpet vacuum.

New Wagon

Val Dean insists on being outside at all times so we bought him a wagon. In the wagon with him are his cousins Hannah and Nollie. Needless to say they all loved it.