Monday, October 12, 2009

HeE hAw FaRmS

For FHE tonight we went to Hee Haw Farms just down the street from us. It was a blast! We went with our friends the Rossel's. There was so much to do. I was surprised at all the fun activities they had.

Animal Train Ride
Hay Ride
Petting Zoo
Pumpkin Patch
Huge Slides
World Famous Gigantic Pig
Carousel Swings
Mini Corn Maze
Pony Rides
Hay jump
and more. Anyway the kids thought it was a blast and so did we. What a fun place for Halloween parties or get together's.
The Cute Rossel Bunch
Val Dean and "his girl" Jayden. Val Dean and Jayden loving the petting zoo.
Mommy and Vivien
Daddy and Val Dean
Val Dean is so afraid of animals. We hoped he would get over this fear, but no luck this year.
Right here he is terrified of this sheep and screaming not to see the baby pigs in the little barn.
Once again..... he did not want his picture by the Gigantic pig.
This picture does not even do this pig justice.
His name is Leroy and he weighs 1200 pounds!
Unlike her brother, Viv liked the gigantic pig.
Daddy and viv on the Animal Train.
She had the biggest smile on her face the whole ride.
The train was this cute line of animals made out of metal barrels.
Val Dean wanted to ride in the train by himself, but that was not going to happen.
So he settled for ridding with daddy.

Val Dean and Jayden held hands the entire evening. It was so adorable.
Val Dean and Vivien loved the big swing.
They were both giggling during the ride.

For some reason Val Dean loved the mini corn maze the most.
He ran through it over and over.

Below are a few memorable pics taken last week.
Wrestling buddies. Believe it or not Vivien thinks this is funny about 50% of the time. Unfortunately the other 50% she is screaming.

My boy and girl twins. At least that's how I feel.
They are in the same size diapers and clothes now!

I just love waking up to this face.
And yes those are Christmas PJ's, but they still fit.
Making cookies with Nana. Lets hope none of you ate any of these cookies! LOL

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I start every blog entry the same way every time....... "I know it's been forever since my last entry...I suck at blogging, yada yada yada....". Now that I think about it, that's the way all my journal entry's start too! Ha Ha. I guess it's just not where I spend my time....obviously. I must say, I do applaud all the wonderful mothers out there that seem to get it done on a regular and consistent basis.
We have had a Crazy and busy summer. We went to an awesome retreat in Vegas, Lake Mead area, Bear Lake, Rexburg (numerous times), a cabin in Sundance a few times, a cabin in Alpine Wyoming with all our law school friends, California, and probably more I just can't remember. Too bad I don't really have many pictures to prove it. I always think I'll track down the pics others take, but then I never do.

I did manage to get a few fun pics from the past month.....

Vivien's first Solids. She did great! A much better eater than her brother ever was.
Val Dean was very upset that Vivien was eating food. He did not want her in a high chair at all. He kept saying " No mommy.... Vivien can only have mommy's milks. Stop feeding her..... that's Val Dean's big boy foods. So I put him in his high chair and feed him too. He accepted the reality of it pretty quickly.

This was Val Dean's favorite part of Bear Lake.

Vivien and Val Dean are best friends lately. Val Dean is always asking if her can wake her up from her naps to play.... of course I always say no and follow up with a threat of what will happen to him if he does.

Vivien gets nearly 100 kisses and hugs from big brother each day. When she is standing straight she is only about an inch or two shorter....poor kid...she'll pass him up before she is one for sure. Although he has grown 3" in the last four months. He only grew 2" from 6 months until four months ago. They said his surgery might have stimulated bone growth. We are so excited. I pray that he can make it to four feet. At least reach a door knob or light switch.

Vivien started crawling about a months ago. She picked it up so fast. She is a very busy girl. Such a contrast from Val Dean. You nearly have to rope her to the changing table when you change her diapers.

She started "cruising" about a week after she started crawling. She stands for a second on her own too. I am afraid she is going to walk soon and I'll never be able to catch her.
Val Dean is Jackal and Hyde these days. A perfect angel one minute and then the next a little devil. He is in time out half his life. I am not sure what this phase is but I hope it passes soon.
This is what he does when you ask for a "cheesy smile".

Not a dull minute with this guy. He says the funniest things lately. Today he told me not to call him Val Dean anymore. He said, just call me Buzz, okay mommy. (his nick name). 20 minutes later he changes his mind.

Val surprised me with a much needed new sewing machine for my birthday a couple weeks ago. I was so excited. He rarely comes up with a good suprise like that. I absolutely love it!

One of my latest projects. I am making this quilt for my little sister. I still need to bind it. any takers! That part I am no good at.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We have been so crazy busy this summer. The poor kids have been subjected to gypsy life. I don't think they have slept in their own beds for more than three nights in a row for the past two months. Hence why I have not been updating the blog.
My awesome brother-in-law took these pics last week. Vivien is so much fun lately, she is starting to crawl and get into a sitting position. She self entertains for like 30 minutes at a time. She is so happy. I just can't believe how blessed we are to have such a perfect baby.

Val Dean just loves his baby sister. They are really starting to play and interact together. Val Dean is also starting to be such a protective big brother. He tells me when she is crying to help her and when she she is sleeping to check on her. The other day his little cousin lightly tapped a toy on her head and he went over pushed her and said not hit her.
It's been about 9 weeks since Val Dean's surgery. The doctor said his neck is not fusing as fast as they would like so needs to wear the neck brace for about four months instead on two. He has progressed to a point now that we can remove the neck brace while he is sleeping. Which is a huge relief because he would take it off at night and tear off all the pads and parts into about 10 pieces. Overall he is doing so well, you would never know he had a surgery (except the neck brace). He just runs around like any other kid, fearless and crazy.