Monday, October 12, 2009

HeE hAw FaRmS

For FHE tonight we went to Hee Haw Farms just down the street from us. It was a blast! We went with our friends the Rossel's. There was so much to do. I was surprised at all the fun activities they had.

Animal Train Ride
Hay Ride
Petting Zoo
Pumpkin Patch
Huge Slides
World Famous Gigantic Pig
Carousel Swings
Mini Corn Maze
Pony Rides
Hay jump
and more. Anyway the kids thought it was a blast and so did we. What a fun place for Halloween parties or get together's.
The Cute Rossel Bunch
Val Dean and "his girl" Jayden. Val Dean and Jayden loving the petting zoo.
Mommy and Vivien
Daddy and Val Dean
Val Dean is so afraid of animals. We hoped he would get over this fear, but no luck this year.
Right here he is terrified of this sheep and screaming not to see the baby pigs in the little barn.
Once again..... he did not want his picture by the Gigantic pig.
This picture does not even do this pig justice.
His name is Leroy and he weighs 1200 pounds!
Unlike her brother, Viv liked the gigantic pig.
Daddy and viv on the Animal Train.
She had the biggest smile on her face the whole ride.
The train was this cute line of animals made out of metal barrels.
Val Dean wanted to ride in the train by himself, but that was not going to happen.
So he settled for ridding with daddy.

Val Dean and Jayden held hands the entire evening. It was so adorable.
Val Dean and Vivien loved the big swing.
They were both giggling during the ride.

For some reason Val Dean loved the mini corn maze the most.
He ran through it over and over.

Below are a few memorable pics taken last week.
Wrestling buddies. Believe it or not Vivien thinks this is funny about 50% of the time. Unfortunately the other 50% she is screaming.

My boy and girl twins. At least that's how I feel.
They are in the same size diapers and clothes now!

I just love waking up to this face.
And yes those are Christmas PJ's, but they still fit.
Making cookies with Nana. Lets hope none of you ate any of these cookies! LOL


Megan said...

Oh my goodness, that place looks like so much fun! I love the fall! Glad that your out enjoying it! Sometimes I forget that you have two kids in diapers...I salute you. That one picture of their diaper backsides is so cute. BTW, will you email me your number?

Janell said...

Hey Brook. It would be great to talk to you I dont know anyone who has SED besides my husband and son. I havent been on my blog much in a while I cant ever remeber to update anymore lol it was easier when I was living with my dad and didnt have much to do but you can email me at

Cori Henderson said...

How fun! I just might have to take my kids there. Cute pics!!

Misty said...

Looks like fun! I love the pics of them at the end, the one sock on Viv is darling! lol

Denney's said...

It looks like you guys had a good time at the farm. I can't wait to go with my kids. I love the pictures. Connor loves to wear his Christmas jammies too!

bdawg schmash andrizzle & n.o.p said...

What a cute place for an outing. Looks fun. We need to play. I can hardly believe how big Viv is and I don't think I've ever even met her.

Nate and Stacey Stone said...

That looks like so much fun! Wish we had thought of going. :oP Thanks for finding us at teh Halloween party, my husband and I aren't very outgoing so we have a hard time reaching out sometimes. Your children are so cute!

Shiloh and Bob Willey said...

What a fun place!! YOur kids are so cute!!

Dirkey said...

found this when I was googling disproportionate dwarfism. They have tested my niece for achondroplasia and the test came back negative. I was curious about how you found out your sons diagnosis and if you have any words of wisdom for my sister in law. I'm wondering if there is anything else they should test for that you know of. If you could write me back my email is kdirkin@yahoo(dot)com

The Jaspers said...

Hi, our youngest son, Hudson was just diagnosed with SEDC and after doing some research came across your blog. I hope you dont mind me asking you a few questions? Our son was born with Pierre Robin then diagnosed with Sticklers and now SEDC. We just were wondering what were some challenges that you have faced and if you could give us any advice. Thank you! Shannon

Hua said...

That place looked like a lot of fun, and by the looks of the pictures you guys surely did! Your family looks happy and I'm happy for all of you.

Director of Blogger Networks

Unknown said...

Hi, my name is Jenna, You commented on my blog about my son called "Our Precious babby boy". I haven't been taking very good care of my blog or reading comments! You have a beautiful family...wouldn love to correspond in the future if you would like. My email is
Take care, Jenna