Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Summer Fun!

Summer water fun with the neighbors!
Val Dean's Friend Lauren
Vivien any given day......always DIRTY!

Val Dean and Viv having a lunch date!

Val Dean on another lunch date....what a cheater!
Still likes to fit in any small space.....pretty creative!
Steel Days 2010
Viv is fearless and loved the rides!
I made this pretty dress for Viv.... in 2 seconds she will be covered in dirt!
Val Dean taking his girl Jayden on a little drive.
Swimming at the pool..... 3x a week!
Fearless Viv....this was her 1st time of the summer
and she was sure she could swim by herself.
Cautious little Val Dean...double safe!
Val Dean loving mommy!
Beautiful Baby Girl! Handsome Big Brother!


Veronica said...

Glad you finally updated! Nothing like blogging about summer fun when it's 38 degrees outside, right? :)

Misty said...

So good to see your updates finally! Is that a picture of him in the fridge? hahaha!! I love it.

I still need to get that lamb costume back from ya. haha

AydenAva said...

Hi your pics r adorable your daughter is so big now reminds me of my two the hight

thing ayden still looks back at when Ava was smaller than him!he called her a giant! We got the power chair when he started kindergarten b/c he can't walk long distances & in school he hAs to & I didn't want him being carried by his nurse or in a stroller for field trips just because he small enough to b in a stroller doesn't mean he should!lol! He didnt really have sleep problems but he does complain his tummy and legs hurt he def has more energy since having the power chair he used to collapse when got home from school his legs couldn't take all the walking but now he hAs more independence in the chair we can go places & mentally he's walking with us & not just sitting being pushed in a stroller it has made a huge difference!he can look at things he wants to see & not just demand we push him over to it!